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Hiking Beaches

Hiking Beaches

Hiking Beaches in Kauai

There are many great hikes in Kauai. However, most are not for the notice or inexperienced hiker. One of the most famous (for good reason) is the Kalalau Trail.

The Kalalau Trail is a trail along the Nā Pali Coast of the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. The trail is very strenuous and runs approximately 11 miles along the island's north shore from Keʻe Beach to the Kalalau Valley. An experienced, very fit hiker can complete the trail in about a day, but most people require two days and will camp along the trail.

The trail is located in the Nā Pali Coast State Park and access is controlled in the cause of conservation. A limited number of permits are issued for camping in Kalalau Valley every year. In spite of the efforts of the state of Hawaiʻi, many people hike the trail without paying money to the State Park office.
  • Hanakapiai Beach

    North Shore

    Hanakapiai Beach is nestled in the Napali Coast and accessible mainly via the Kalalau Trail. It's is approximately 2 miles from the start of the Kalalau Trail.
  • Kalalau Beach

    North Shore

    You will find this beach after a 11 mile hike along the Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast. This beach is fairly private due to the difficult trek to it. You can also get to this beach via boat. The trail that leads to this beach is considered the most
  • Ke'e Beach

    North Shore

    This is the last beach accessible by car on the north shore. Located literally at the end of the road, Ke'e Beach is probably the most visited beach on Kauai.
  • Lydgate Park

    East Shore

    The best family-friendly beach on the island is Lydgate Beach Park in the town of Kapa'a, on the east shore.
  • Maha'ulepu Beach

    South Shore

    The beach is separated into three different parts: Gillin's Beach, Kawailoa Bay, and Haula Beach. The beach offers protection from the surf in parts and can be great for swimming. Fossils of extinct birds have been found in sand dunes along the shoreline.
  • Milolii Beach

    West Shore

    There are two legal kayak landing areas along the coast. This is one of them! Kayak landings are prohibited at all other beaches in the park, including Honopu and Nu’alolo Kai.
  • Sea Lodge Beach

    North Shore

    This beach is calm and fairly private, and is also known as Kaweonui Beach. Getting here requires a 1/2 mile hike through a moderate and sometimes slippery trail. However, once you arrive, this beach has great sand, shade and calm water. Large hala and ka

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