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Nude Beaches

Nude Beaches

Nude Beaches in Kauai

Nudity is illegal at beaches in Kauai, according to state park regulations. That's the official position of the State of Hawaii, however, as is often the case, nothing is that simple. The fact is that there are beaches that are well known as "nude", "topless" or "clothing-optional" in Kauai.
  • Donkey Beach (Paliku)

    East Shore

    Donkey Beach (Paliku) is on the East Side of Kauai about 1.5 miles from Kealia Beach. It's a great beach for sunbathing, offering plenty of sand and some shade trees. The secluded location made it a perfect spot for nudist or clothing optional beach goers
  • Kalalau Beach

    North Shore

    You will find this beach after a 11 mile hike along the Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast. This beach is fairly private due to the difficult trek to it. You can also get to this beach via boat. The trail that leads to this beach is considered the most
  • Larsen's Beach

    North Shore

    Larsen's Beach is a remote and undeveloped beach on the north shore of Kauai between Moolaa Bay and Waiakalua. The beach is narrow and approximately two miles long.
  • Secret (Kauapea) Beach

    North Shore

    This beach is perhaps more well known by it's nickname, Secret Beach but in Hawaiian is known as Kauapea Beach. However, many locals simply call this beach Secrets for short. This 3,000 foot long north shore beach is known for its size, privacy, and scene

Tips & Equipment

We'll you don't need much...Something to lay on, and plenty of sun screen. A nice shade hat, water and sunglasses are also our favorite "Standard" items. A iPod or music player is nice to set the mood.

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Nude Beaches Safety

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