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Kapaa Beach Park

Kapaa Beach Park
Fishing, Picnics, Beach Strolls, Jogging
Kapaa Beach Park
Public Restrooms, Public Parking, Public Showers (Cold), Picnic Tables, BBQ Grills, No Lifeguard, Paved Road, Drinking Water, Bike Paths, Covered Pavilion

Kapaa Beach Park - Kauai

As the name implies this beach is in the heart of the east side town of Kapa'a. The beach park has plenty of easy beach access and parking areas right off the highway in Kapaa. This white sand beach is good for strolling or biking. You can catch the bike and pedestrian path from here. 

When the surf is calm some swim at this beach but it's not recommended. Locals can be seem in the water with children when water is calm. An offshore reef breaks the surf and wind chop creating a usually quiet lagoon. However in winter months, this beach is subject to large eastern swells, and strong currents out of the channel.

Baby & Fuji Beach
The adjoining canal is used as boat launch, and provides boats a area to launch with adequate depth. It also has a protected swimming area called Baby Beach, Waipouli Beach Park or Fuji Beach, not to be confused with the Baby Beach on the south shore, near Poipu. In the evenings you made see fisherman practicing lamalama or torch fishing. Kapa'a Beach Park is a common spot for shoreline fishing. You will see most of the fishermen near the footbridge that connects both sides of the canal. Also if you can get out of bed, make sure to watch the sun come up here.

This beach is about 1 mile long and runs from from the Waika'ea Canal (south) to the community swimming pool and Kapa'a Library (north). The Waika'ea canal is also called Fuji Beach by some. This beach is used by locals, and certainly doesn't have a "resort" feel and isn't pristine by any measure.

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From Kuhio Highway in Kapaa, turn on Niu Street (look for the Kapaa Ballpark and field). Parking is behind the field.

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In winter months and high surf this beach is subject to large eastern swells, and strong currents out of the channel.