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Hideaways Beach

Hideaways Beach
Snorkeling, Fishing, Sunbathing
Hideaways Beach
No Restrooms, Public Parking, Public Parking (Limited), No Lifeguard, Paved Road

Hideaways Beach - Kauai

The Hawaii name of this beach is Kenomene Beach, but it's usually just called Hideaways Beach, or the Pali Ke Kua Beach. However, Pali Ke Kua beach is considered by us as a separate beach because access is different. But they are connected by a large rock outcropping, so you can swim between them easily. Hideaways isn't so hidden nowadays, but it's still a great Princeville beach to visit. Hideaways Beach is near Pali Ke Kau Condos and the St. Regis Resort in Princeville. Beware, to get to this beach you must hike down a steep rocky path. There are metal hand rails and ropes, and you will need them (however beware of sharp rusty edges). On the other side of the handrails are deep drop offs. But all this work is worth the reward. When muddy, take extra time getting down, it is slippery.

When you get to the beach you will notice a large crescent (300 foot) shaped golden sand shore separated by a large rock outcropping. It's rarely crowded and is a great place to spot sea turtles. Snorkeling is best when the tide is in a little, otherwise is can be shallow in places. When the tide is in this beach gets smaller, and waves can be large.

If you want to visit this beach but would rather not hike the steep trail, you can kayak from Hanelai Bay either on your own or in a guided tour. You will see these kayakers land around lunch time nearly every day. They snorkel and spend time on the beach.

Some expert swimmers take the trail down and swim over and around the point to the Hanalei Bay beach of Pu'u Poa. You may also find swimmers coming the reverse way from Pu'u Poa.

On the trail to the beach you may want some insect repellent as there are mosquitoes certain times of the year.

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Foot Trails
There are two separate trails that lead to the beach. One is concrete and starts at the Pali Ke Kua Condominiums. The other is the public and more challenging trail (a dirt and rock path). Watch your step, the trail can get slick. By foot trail is about a ten minute trek. If it has rained, this trail is even more dangerous. Good footwear is a must, flip flops are just not meant for this type of terrain. Also because of the tough trek,packing light is a good idea.

Parking is very limited. In fact the public lot only has about 10 spots (if you are creative). Getting here early will give you the best chance of a spot. Otherwise parking is very hard to find. 

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This isn't a great swimming beach because of the rocky shoreline and floor. Watch for high surf which can create murky and dangerous rip currents. In winter this beach gets much smaller due to large ocean swells.

And don't forget to watch your step on the way down to the beach! (see map and instructions for more information on this)