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Honopu (Cathedral) Beach

Honopu (Cathedral) Beach
Honopu (Cathedral) Beach
No Restrooms, No Lifeguard

Honopu (Cathedral) Beach - Kauai

You can't hike, boat or drive to this beach! Swimming is your only means of access. 

The swim to this beach is not easy feat. We recommend you wear fins and only attempt when surf is low. High surf brings dangerous rip tides and crashing ocean waves. Currents may make the journey easier one way than the other, so be wary if your swim seems easier that expected. It may not be so easy on the way back. Look for large arched sea cliffs with a waterfall as you swim to identify this beach.

If you are more of a rock hopper, at certain times you can walk over from Kalalau Beach.

Because of the spiritual history and ceremonial grounds, no boats (kayaks included), airplanes, or other surf devices are allow on the beach. However you can boat near by and swim the final stretch.

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Park near Kalalau Beach and start swimming.

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Honopu (Cathedral) Beach Safety

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