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Ke'e Beach

Ke'e Beach
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Ke'e Beach
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Ke'e Beach - Kauai

Ke'e Beach is one of the most visited beaches on Kauai. It's located at the north end of the island where the highway ends and in fact is the last beach accessible by car on the north shore.  So it's literally located at the end of the road. The famed 11 mile gorgeous and treacherous Kalalau Trail begins at the western end of the beach. Ke'e's gentle ocean lagoon is best utilized in the calm ocean conditions of the summer. Several movies and min-series have been filmed here such as The Thorn Birds and Castaway Cowboys. A view of the entire Na Pali coast stretches westwards from this point. 

From this beach, you can also start the 4 mile round trip hike to Hanakapiai Beach.

Ke'e's inviting lagoon is teaming with fish and perfect for snokeling. Beware, however of the Puka Ulua, an opening on he left side from the lagoon to the sea. Currents can be very strong here,especially in the winter. People often fish for the large, prized Ulua fish in this area. 

On calm days, we have found that just outside the inner reef is the best place to swim with turtles, schools of tuna and other exotic fish. It's very shallow getting out to this spot, depending on the tide, but once you are there, it drops into a nice lagoon, with fish and underwater amazement. It's usually just past the crashing waves of the inner reef. Either swim carefully in shallow water, or carefully take a channel out from the lifeguard area. We have found that the masses of snorkelers are looking at murky sandy water, that is usually containing more white legs than fish. If you want real snorkeling, find the lagoon. To get a visual on the spot we are talking about hike up the Kalalau Trail to a lookout point, and you'll see. Or use the map satellite and photos we have posted here. Again, beware of dangerous currents that will take you down the west side and out to sea!

To the south of the beach, or to the right (clockwise on the island), you will find a less swimmable, but more stunning view of the coast and a less crowded section of the beach. It is generally too shallow to swim here, but it's far less crowded and gorgeous. Just hike behind the shower and bathrooms, and cut through the old parking lot (dirt area with lots of trees). It's easier than hiking along the beach.

Each night you will find a small gathering of sunset watchers at this beach. If you value watching the sun disappear into the ocean, surrounded by blazing oranges and reds, this is your beach. Check for sunset times, and head out. Many times by sunset, parking can be found in the main lot (which is normally as common as winning the lottery).

Parking is usually hard to find at this beach. You used to be able to park in a undefined dirt lot in a grove of trees. But this is no longer allowed. There is a small lot, however it doesn't hold very many cars. You can park along the road in a few spots, but most are not permitted. As of 2012 a parking ticket is only $35, and you will see dozens of cars with tickets every day along the side of the road. Getting to the beach early helps, for example in the summer around 7-8 AM there are usually plenty of parking spots.

There is also a dirt lot (or a mud pit if it's wet) just before you get to the beach on the right. This is a bit like the wild west since there not marked spots or exit routes. However it's a good place to find a spot. A path also leads to the ocean, or you can walk along the road to the main beach.

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Head north and when you reach the end of the road, you are at Ke'e Beach!
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Watch for large flat slippery rocks right near the swimming area. This beach can have strong currents, dangerous waves breaking on rocks, ledges and reefs. Watch for sharp coral and slippery rocks in the shallows.

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