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Larsen's Beach

Larsen's Beach
Snorkeling, Sunbathing, Nude Sunbathing

Larsen's Beach - Kauai

Larsen's Beach is also known as Ka'aka'aniu Beach and is a remote and undeveloped north shore beach. This beach is between Moolaa Bay and Waiakalua Beach. The beach is narrow and approximately two miles long. There is a offshore reef that is good for snorkeling and because the beach is remote, you may see some nude sunbathers.

The waters near shore are often too shallow for swimming; if you go in, wear a rash guard to protect against prickly sea urchins and sharp coral on the bottom. And there have been a number of drownings and near-drownings here. A recent land disagreement cut off the traditional trail down to the beach. Now, like many other North Shore beaches, this one requires a hike along a steep, rocky trail. Slippery when wet.

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Turn off of the Kuhio Highway at the Molaa Sunrise Fruit Stand onto Koolau Road. Drive two miles to a sign that says Beach Access and turn right onto a dirt road. Drive to the end of that road and take the trail to the beach.   

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Swimming at this beach is unsafe due to strong currents, especially in or near the Pakala Channel.