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Pali Ke Kua Beach

Pali Ke Kua Beach
Swimming, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Sunbathing
Pali Ke Kua Beach
No Restrooms, No Lifeguard, Paved Road

Pali Ke Kua Beach - Kauai

This beach is just adjacent to Hideaways Beach. Sometimes Pali Ke Kua and Hideaways are considered the same beach, but access is separate unless you swim, so we consider these two small but separate beaches. Hideaways Beach is accessed via a small, steep but public trail whereas Pali Ke Kua Beach is only accessed by a private paved path starting between Building 1 and 3 in the Pali Ke Kua community.

Above this beach you is a lookout. It's a grassy spot with a few benches and railing, that overlook the beach and cliffs below. It's a great spot to watch the sunset, scope out your snorkel spots, or just enjoy the view of the ocean and the lush mountains behind. 

This beach is small, and has very few sandy spots. When tide is high, no sand may be available, just large black rocks. However when the ocean is safe and tide is in, you will find a good spot for snorkeling.

You may find good snorkeling here, depending on the tide level and roughness of the ocean. There are plenty of channels to swim in and out of just beware of rapidly changing depths. You'd hate to be beached on a rock, then smashed into it by a big wave or set of waves. So be mindful of the depth of this area, and the size of the waves.

Be sure to wear good shoes or sandals, as the trail down the beach may be paved, but is not easy. It also means you will be on private property. So if you are not a guest of the Pali Ke Kua Beach, you are not allowed. However, you can be the judge of your own decisions.

Packing light is a good idea, as carrying anything down the long and steep path may be difficult, but carrying it back up after a day in the sun may be the real challenge.

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Parking will be the first challenge you'll have to overcome. Princeville is well known for a lack of parking. If you are fortune and extremely lucky, there may be a spot near the tennis court, just before the St. Regis hotel (look for the gate building). You may need to get creative, as parking spots in this lot are not well marked or obvious.  

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Pali Ke Kua Beach Safety

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The ocean can be rough, and has plenty of rocks to push you against. Also be ware of currents that may sweep you into the Hanalei Bay or worse, out to sea.

Good footwear is pretty much required, along with motivation and patience. However this trail makes the Hideaway Trail look unofficial.