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Queens Bath

Queens Bath
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Queens Bath
No Restrooms, Roadside Parking, No Lifeguard

Queens Bath - Kauai

Queens Bath is named after the mother of Prince Albert, which is where the Kauai city of Princeville gets its name. This interesting pool is worth the steep and sometimes treacherous trip to see it.

The path drops roughly 100 feet as you decent down to the coast. You'll need to hike down the overgrown red dirt trail to cove.

On the way down, take note of the waterfall to the right, a perfect resting point to cool off on the return climb back up.

Along the path to Queen's bath you'll see interesting rocks in the associated stream. There are many spots along this trail to stop and take pictures of the waterfall and the stream. Because Queen's bath has become so popular expect to run across other people along the path.

Also, make sure you're wearing good footwear. Bare feet or aqua socks won't provide enough support as you walk across the lava rock to Queen's bath.

When the trail opens at the bottom of the bluff the cove in front of you is a great spot to watch sea turtles in the surf. The reef area is coated with algae which draws the turtles to the cove.

From this cove, go left and carefully negotiate the lava rock roughly 250 yards to find Queen's Bath.

The views of the ocean and the rocky shoreline here are excellent and even with calm surf, you'll see waves crash on the rocks shooting spray high into the air.

Equipment Required
  • Good Footwear (for rock hoping)

Queens Bath Video

  • Turtle Cove

    Turtle Cove
    North Shore Beach
    No Restrooms, Public Parking, No Lifeguard
    Lot's of Sea Turtles can be found at this small cove next to Queens Bath. Low tide is best for maximum turtle viewing!

Map & Directions

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To find Queen's bath take Highway 56 (Kuhio highway) to Princeville. Turn right on Ka Haku Road right before the Princeville Shopping Center. Follow to Punahele and take a right and then another right on Kapiolani.

Park at the small area at the end of Kapiolani. Take the dirt trail, which drops about 100 feet as you descend, along the stream for about 25 yards.

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Queens Bath Safety

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Watch Your Step
Step carefully down the path as it has many tree roots and rocks to step over on the way down. The path narrows at various places so make sure you're in good enough physical shape to grab a friend or an overhanging branch in order to maintain your balance. 

Large Waves
One word of warning. On Kauai the surf during the winter and through early comes crashing in and over the lava rocks, so be very careful.