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Turtle Cove

Turtle Cove
No Restrooms, Public Parking, No Lifeguard

Turtle Cove - Kauai

Lot's of Sea Turtles can be found at this small cove next to Queen's Bath. Low tide is best for maximum turtle viewing!

It's not uncommon to see 100+ turtles, fitting in the current to eat, and stay off the rocks. There is a waterfall that flows into the ocean, and creates a good area for turtles to feed and a safe haven from predators. 

Be careful as when the surf is high, large waves crash on the rocks here. Keep your eyes on the ocean as well as on the turtles.

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Park at Queens Bath area, and you can't miss this area, as you come down the main trail to queens bath. It's close to the small stream.

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Turtle Cove Safety

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