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Sea Lodge Beach

Sea Lodge Beach
Snorkeling, Hiking, Sunbathing
Sea Lodge Beach
No Restrooms, Public Parking (Limited), No Lifeguard, Paved Road

Sea Lodge Beach - Kauai

Sea Lodge Beach is calm and fairly private, and is also known as Kaweonui Beach. Getting here requires about a half mile hike through a moderate and sometimes slippery trail. It's well worth the short hike. This beach has great sand, shade and calm water. Large Hala and Kamane trees offer great shade and this beach is usually not crowded, due to limited parking.

Swimming is difficult when tide is low. Most of the beach is protected by a inner reef, which can be sharp and hard to navigate. If tide is low there may only be a few channels that you can swim or snorkel in. When tide is high, this beach practically disappears. A rocky reef provides a break from the open ocean, and provides decent snorkeling.

Make sure to bring inspect repellent as sometimes of the year you may have mosquitoes.

Their is a surf break that can be seen from this beach. This break is known as Little Glass Shacks.

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Finding this beach is slightly tricky. Head towards Princeville and take the main Princeville entrance. Follow the road along the golf course and turn at XXX. Follow this road until it dead ends into the Sea Lodge Parking lot. Most of the spots are labeled "Permit" however we found a visitor spot and used that without a problem. You may want to check with the Sea Lodge to learn the actual usage rules.

Head towards building "A", and you will see a path that head to the ocean. Once you see the warning signs (yes actual signs) you have found the start of the trail. Take a look at the map for more details, but it's roughly 1/2 mile to the beach on this trail.

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Sea Lodge Beach Safety

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Make sure to wear good footwear for the short hike. Good sandals may be all you need, but in flip flops you may have a hard time. Watch for sharp rocks and coral. When tide is out the water is only 1-2 feet deep in many places, which makes swimming or snorkeling difficult.