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Waiakalua Beaches

Waiakalua Beaches
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Waiakalua Beaches
No Restrooms, Dirt Parking Lot, No Lifeguard

Waiakalua Beaches - Kauai

This beach is a popular fishing location made up of two beaches, Waiakalua Iki Beach and Waiakalua Nui Beach. Waiakalua Nui is just slightly east and is covered with beach rock. A rocky point separates the beaches. This beach is dangerous for swimming and water activities, however the scenery is breathtaking.

You will usually find very few people at this beach, medium course sand and a long fringing reef. Most likely you'll be the only ones on this North Shore beach. Nearby trees provide shade and a fresh water spring at the far end is good for cooling off or refilling your water bottle (of course use tablets). 

Some snorkeling can be done at this beach, however only in the summer on the most calm days. The water is shallow but interesting. However, this beach is known for rip tides, so be sure you are very cautious if you decide to go in the water. If you do snorkel (experts only) near the rocky point you may find clear water and interesting fish and reefs. Rips, surges, and surf make this a black diamond area.

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From the North
Head east past Princeville on Highway 56. Turn north on Waiakalua Road at mile post 20.7. Then travel .7 miles on pavement. After the road takes a right angle and nearly dead ends, turn to the east, take the 1st left and go .3 miles on a dirt road. There is parking for about 8 cars. Follow the path about 220 vertical feet to the base. Careful, its slippery when wet. When you get to the bottom, you can hop lava rocks a quarter mile to the east to Pila beach, or just walk to the west to Waiakalua Beach.

At the top by the parking lot there are a few trails. The trail to your right, leads to Pila'a Beach after a steep decent and some rock hopping. The trail to the left goes to Waiakalu Beaches and it steep and covered in pine needles.

Waiakalu road has no road sign (at least not one we could find). However it's the entrance to Kilauea Farms on the ocean side (there are two entrances, you want the one towards the ocean, not inland).

A few beaches near Waiakalua Beaches:

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Waiakalua Beaches Safety

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Swimming at this beach is hazardous and generally very dangerous. Only on the most calm summer days should you even consider getting in the water. Rip tides are present most of the time. Near the rocky point watch for more rip tides, large surges, and rough surf.