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Kukui'ula Harbor Beach

Kukui'ula Harbor Beach
Public Restrooms, Public Parking, Picnic Tables, No Lifeguard, Paved Road, Covered Pavilion

Kukui'ula Harbor Beach - Kauai

This is a very small beach but also as mall boat harbor that is popular with both recreational and commercial boaters. At the back of the harbor is a sheltered, sandy beach. However most of the sand came from somewhere else. This was one of the conditions imposed by Kauai County on the Kukui‘ula Development Co. before they could build a planned resort and residential development was to improve the beach at the harbor. This planned luxury resort is just up the road towards Kolo'a.

During the enhancements loose rocks, shoreline debris and scrub vegetation were removed. This nearly doulbed the beach area and created room for an additional 500 cubic yards of sand. Floats, indicating the swimming area, are planned. 

You will find ledge rocks that are exposed at the shoreline and most of the swimming here has a rocky bottom. The water here is sheltered by a breakwater and is calm in all but the strongest of south swells. Facilities are available in the adjacent harbor park. Beachgoers may use the harbor parking lot or park along Lawa‘i Road, which usually has parking.

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