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Prince Kuhio's (PK's) Beach

Prince Kuhio's (PK's) Beach
Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Body Boarding
Prince Kuhio's (PK's) Beach
Public Restrooms, Roadside Parking, Public Showers (Cold), No Lifeguard

Prince Kuhio's (PK's) Beach - Kauai

This beach is a favorite for surfers. When the water is calm, snorkeling can be really nice (usually in the winter). Shore is small and narrow and thus not a good beach for shore activities. Some times of the year the sand is nearly all under water. However it's a great place to sit for a while and watch surfers catch a few waves.

This isn't as much a beach, as a parking and landing location for surfer catching waves on the break known as PK's. This break runs from PK's beach to the Lawai Beach. The best  place to watch surfers is from the Beach House Lawn, just along the sidewalk from Lawai Beach.     

Prince Kuhio Beach is commonly misidentified as "Lawai Beach" because it is near the Lawai Beach Resort, but the resort was named after the real Lawai Bay which is further west (in Lawai Valley) now more commonly known as Allerton Beach because it is surrounded by Allerton Garden. Lawai Beach is directly in front of the Lawai Beach Resort, and is also called Beach House Beach

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Prince Kuhio's (PK's) Beach Safety

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This beach has strong currents and dangerous waves breaking on rocks, ledges and reefs. Watch for Sharp coral and slippery rocks.